The sessions will be organized in two categories:

Already planned the following thematic sessions:

    1. Algebra (organised by Małgorzata Hryniewicka and Karol Pryszczepko)
    2. Dynamical Systems (organised by Zbigniew Bartosiewicz, Ewa Girejko and Agnieszka Malinowska)
    3. Quantitative Methods in Economics (organised by Elżbieta Majewska and Joanna Olbryś)
    4. Teaching Others as a Way of Learning – Ucząc innych, sami się uczymy (organised by Anna Rybak)
    5. Poster Session (organised by Anna Gomolińska)

Contributed special sessions, devoted to any topic related to mathematics or its applications. Every prospective participant may organise his/her own special session devoted to mathematics or its applications on the condition of gathering at least five participants.

The following contributed special sessions have been approved for the 7PCM conference so far:

    1. Difference Equations and Special Functions (organised by Alina Dobrogowska and Galina Filipuk)
    2. Student Session (organised by Marzena Filipowicz-Chomko and Ewa Girejko)